Stage Payments

How it works 

After our quote is accepted a £60 deposit will be required to secure your booking slot. The remaining quoted price is then divided into four-stage payments as follows …

  1. the first payment is expected on the first start date of work commencement. It’s the first payment that secures the labour and machinery (ie digger) to break up and prepare for the removal of your old driveway.
  2. The second stage payment is the actual removal of the debris (with a grab hire wagon) and sub-base stone delivery, that will be compressed ready for the concrete pour.
  3. The third payment is on the day of the concrete pour
  4. The fourth payment of £150/£350 depending on project size, it is held as a retention fee by the client to cover (if) any snagging is required. After the job completion and you are satisfied with the driveway installation, the remaining retention fee will be paid by the client to us the contractor.

Please Note;

Both the client & us the contractor sign an agreement to the affect as mentioned in the payment schedule and both client and contractor will have a copy. If any stage payments are not made on time, it may result in the slowing of the installation process or the actual stoppage of the job or withdrawal from the site. Withdrawal simply means we would have to move our staff onto the next booking slot. It’s important that the customer understands and accepts that we DO NOT fund any project, the labour, materials and machinery are the clients responsibility and that is the reason for the payment schedule being honoured in order for the job to run smoothly.


Agreement Form