London Cobble

London Cobble is highly popular choice for driveways and paths and offers a stunning authentic look. With a cobble definition in the texture and good colour choice, usually (Charcoal & Gray) it simply looks amazing. A cobble finish has kerb appeal, that is often said by the property agencies to raise the value of any property by 10%-15% .


Yorkshire Cobble

As you can see, Yorkshire Cobble is also stunning but has a smoother finish than the London Cobble definition. Popular for Driveways and Paths it also has that all important authentic appearance and often people comment on how real it looks, especially in the Charcoal colour. 


Ashlar Slate

The Ashlar Slate pattern is usually installed on Driveways, Patios & Paths and the sandy colour with a charcoal hint is a popular choice as it highlights that slate definition that is incredible.


Grained Plank

The Grained Plank option is mainly used for patios & paths and again the sandy wood stain colour with the Charcoal tint gives it that stunning grain finish and without the worry of rotting. A great choice and stunning finish that suits any patio area.


Random Stone

The Random Stone finish is a busy pattern with a slate definition. Looks great in a sand and charcoal finish. Its a pattern that is used mainly for patios, around pool and bar areas. It’s hard to figure out where the pattern starts and finishes which is how it should¬† be.

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